Wednesday, October 7, 2015

JULY 2015

Learning to play the drums with Dad :)

Bowers Family Reunion 2015 Joseph, Oregon. 

 We had a great time getting together for the 4th except that Grandma Rainy Poo and Grandpa Glen couldn't come :( Grandma was really sick and in the hospital with pneumonia we were all sad she couldn't be there but we are all very grateful that she is better!  

 We went hiking everyday we were there.  Danny went fishing a lot and we had a really good time hanging out with Family :) 

Family pictures were crazy! Thanks Stevo for doing such an awesome job!!

 Fireworks over the lake are always spectacular!

Taking a walk to the lake with Katie Cousin and Holly Cousin :)

Boating on the Wallowa! And Danny fished this sweet hat out of the lake for me!

 Lola's Big Girl Bed!!!! it is so pretty and she loves it so much!

On Pioneer Day we decided to go downtown to catch some fireworks... plans changed and a really nice Lady gave us free tickets to the rodeo.  It is always a good time hanging with my favorite people.

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