Wednesday, October 7, 2015


 Lola's new favorite outfit!  Grandma Bond has baby bunnies!!! We love hanging out down there and spending time with everyone!

 Lola and I went to Boise again to hangout with my Grandparents because we didn't get to see them very much in July like we had planned. 

Grandpa was nice enough to put the pink pool up. Lola and Katie cousin played and cooled off in the pool together.

She crashed hard every night we were there!

Lola built a tower as tall as herself.  Uncle John stopped by with his big truck and Lola received the grand tour!  She loved it!  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for letting us come stay again!

Lola and her cousin Josh are best buddies!  Char and Andrew wanted a date night before baby #2 arrived so we offered to take Josh for the day.  We went to Gardner Village and went to the petting zoo, rode the ponies and had a yummy treat!!

They seriously are too cute!

Danny and Lola changed the oil on the truck together. They love doing stuff together and as you can see Lola is a very good helper!

Stewart Falls hike.  Lola actually did hike most of it this year and next year hopefully the whole thing.  We love getting out in nature!

Yoga on the river

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