Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Visit to Boise October 2013

 We get to Boise and the very first thing we do is go out to feed Suzanne 
In actuality she actually ate the crackers while I fed Suzanne

One of the days we were there we went to the mall

Lola had so much fun with Great Grandma and Grandpa (once again sorry about the blurry pics)

 Playing outside at "Bama's" house

Grandpa showed her a plant she could feed to Suzanne which Lola wasn't interested in eating herself.

We also went to the park she loves the slide but now she is a little more cautious and goes down on her belly

One night we were lucky enough to be serenaded by Katie and Ben Lola loved it she would close her eyes and spin with her head tilted back super cute

She also tried to get us all up to dance with her

Lola had a great time coloring with Grandma Rainypoo 

They built puzzles and colored a lot of pictures

 So have you ever watched Duck Dynasty? Well my Grandpa is just like Phil... so funny if he grew a huge beard he would probably look like him too... anyway my Grandpa decided to put Lola to work and even though she might be too young she is still old enough to start training he says :) So he got out this little rake she seriously followed him everywhere for at least an hour "helping" him rake

And then the shovel

 The story about the swimming gear!!!! the first night and part of the next day we scoured Boise in hopes to find Lola a bathing suit after many hours and a dozen stores we pieced together the most expensive swim floaties ($10!!!) and the cheapest bathing suit ($5) Lola LOVES swimming and we had a great time swimming every day we were there once we got the suit
such a cute face!

We have such a fun time being able to go to visit my Grandparents!!
Thanks for letting us come visit you guys hope to see you again soon!!!

Lola's Actual 2nd birthday!!

Good morning Birthday girl!!!!
For her birthday breakfast she wanted toast... so ok she got toast as usual

 Brutus giving Lola a birthday kiss before our morning walk.
Lola posing for the camera!

Silly faces while we waited for class to start

Playing after class with her friends we brought treats for her birthday and everyone sang for her!!

After meeting Danny for lunch we went to the mall to play at the play place and ride the train (going to the mall is her favorite activity)

pulling me along

Yelling on the train!

Eating a sugar cookie she picked out at the mall.  Oh so yummy!

She crashed on the way home (probably a sugar coma)

We went to Chuck-a-Rama for her birthday dinner she had all sorts of food then our nice waitress brought her a candle for her cupcake and blew it out!

Next on our birthday adventure we went to toys r us and let her pick out her present she decided on one of those popping vacuum pushers (I have no idea what to call it besides super loud) Danny was thrilled (not) she also received this totally awesome "bitday" hat

Then before bed she got a nice long bubble bath.  All in all it was a super fun day and we loved being able to celebrate our totally awesome kid that we have miraculously kept alive for two whole years! She is wonderful and makes everyday magic!

Lola's 2nd birthday party!!!!!!

So I know that I drove my husband totally crazy... but Lola had a candy land birthday this year it was so much fun.  My mom made the castle cake (AMAZING as usual) and we decorated and had so much fun with it

This is before the party started 

Lola got so many great presents. She loved everything especially all the people who came to play with her on her "biday"

Opening all her gifts.  Thanks everybody!!!

She did a big "TANK YOU TANK YOU!" to everyone it was pretty precious

Then it was piƱata time!!!! We had one with the string pulls instead of the stick (MUCH safer) and it was the last ribbon pulled that opened it up!  All the kids scrambled for toys (because they obviously didn't need any candy!)

All her loot
I have tried to post a movie of her blowing out her candle but alas it has escaped my computer knowledge... so anyway fun birthday!!!