Thursday, June 20, 2013


Danny and Lola waiting in line for her very first roller coaster "puff the magic dragon"

they are second to last row and Danny told me that she was kind of freaking out the whole time saying "Dadda no"but she survived and I'm sure she will like it better next year

Lola's very first cotton candy experience

and once she got over the texture she loved it.

The reason we were at Lagoon was for Layton Construction's annual party.  While they were doing the raffle My dad and I were standing in the back waiting to go get food when the brought this huge stuffed dog up.  My dad and I were discussing the poor sucker who would win it and after 5 different names were called with no response Danny was called.... so we ended up being the poor sucker. On the bright side we did get two cool chairs and Lola love the obnoxious huge dog.

After lunch my mom and dad took Lola for a sleep over for Danny's birthday.  We had so much fun and went on the HUGE swing "Sky Coaster" and I actually really enjoyed it.  We had so much fun and appreciate my parents so much for all that they do for us!  Love you guys!

June 2013

Learning her own version of billiards sans table of course.

At Pride festival playing with the kids and getting her face painted

And yes I feel like I am turning into my dear sweet
Grandpa Bowers with my thumb in the picture shots.

blowing bubbles with Grandma

At Sheels driving the bug Jeep

Worst Day EVER!!!!

If you are wondering why my child is scowling in this picture let me explain.... Not the best mommy moment in history by far but when I was in the other room Lola fell and was screaming bloody murder.  So I run in and check her out everything looks normal she is acting just fine but then moments later she starts throwing up.  "OK" says my brain maybe she gagged... whatever.  So Danny and I take her to the park... awesome idea right? wrong! she starts throwing up all over the place so we take her to the ER.

here she is with puke all over her and Daddy

and this is our family sad face.  I had to hold her down while she had a CAT scan poor thing.

Not feeling good :(

but as soon as they gave her the anti nausea medicine she was just fine.  She was ok and diagnosed with a minor concussion and recovered really well.

At her follow up Dr appointment she was given a clean bill of health and we are so grateful that she is just fine!

Silly Lola

At Grandma's house she has started playing on the piano.  It's very serious stuff, and so cute.  The highest note is "Tinkerbell" and the lowest note is "Zombie"  hahaha

She loves Ice cream just so she can say "lick" while taking a lick of it.

This picture just sums up my life and cracks me up so funny!!

and we love bath time its one of the many highlights of our day

Mother's day

My new planters I got at the women's show in Spanish Fork with My mother in law and Char :)
I love them and I will tell you what there is nothing like fresh basil

I also received a lilac bush that Lola and Danny planted for me

Lola was very goo at playing in the dirt

and putting rocks in the bucket

I also got breakfast in bed and we spent time with Danny's dad Paul and his wife while they were here it was so fun to spend time together.  I love and appreciate all the moms That I have in my life and I am so lucky to be a mom myself to the most amazing little girl!

Early May 2013

We walk to the park almost every day and we just love it!

The last day of Lola's library class we learned all about bugs all the kids just wander around and learn to share, sing songs, dance, and sit for a story.

Lola however doesn't sit.... ever.

We can't wait till our class starts again!

This was a project I did in our office.  Not completely finished but I love it so much I call it our family history wall where both Danny's and my family generations are up there :)

Uncle Craig's birthday/ Cinco De Mayo

For Craig's birthday Mom and Dad took him to see Brian Regan at the Tuachan theater, so when they got home on Sunday Lola and I made the birthday dinner including of course a dragon pinata.

The kids (aka Craig and Lola(hahaha)) took turns hitting the dragon until Craig busted it and the pieces went flying everywhere.

 and the dragons head got caught.  Then Cake!!! We love Craig he is super awesome!!!

April 2013

Lola is for sure an outside kid!  She absolutely loves riding her trike she got from Grandma and Grandpa for Easter.  Every time we go in the garage she tells me all about it.

It has been a very long time since I blogged so this is fun to look through all these pictures again.  In May my sister in law Nannette and her family moved to Texas (boo!) and before they left we tried hanging out together as much as possible.  This is when we went to Wheeler Farm with Nan, Skyler, and new baby Bridger.  Lola and Skyler had so much fun running and chasing each other.

We had to pet every animal we could (of course)

Lola was driving the tractor like a boss! :)

always running wherever we go

I had to put this picture in because she cracks me up!  We love days when she eats :)