Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lola turns 3!!!!!!

 The first thing was breakfast, a muffin with a candle?!?! Luckiest birthday girl she was so happy! This might surprise you but I had to sing the song 4 times before she would eat the muffin :)

 We had library class, so Lola got to pick the first song, she picked one about jumping and had a birthday song!

 After class we had lunch at a play place and then went to the park after
She was all over the place and was so cute!

Later we went to the pumpkin patch and Grandma and Grandpa were so nice to come with us!  Lola kept picking up all the baby pumpkins she could find but she only got to take 3 baby ones home

Dragging grandpa around with her

Danny met us there and lola was ecstatic to see him

Lola picking up the baby pumpkins....

and dropping them

 Loading them into Daddy's truck
Grandma and Grandpa took us out to dinner for her birthday it was really fun.

This year she asked for a big kid bike so thats what she got :)

She has been riding it non stop since, nothing broken yet. (the house,  I'm not so worried about Lola she is one tough kiddo.)

Lola wants to help blog and since it is her birthday blog here she is:


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Fall colors

The weekend before Lola's birthday we went up the canyon to see all the colors and collect some leaves for an art project.  When we got there it was snowing the first snow of the season so we had to get out and catch some snowflakes.

The mountains were seriously covered in clouds so you could only see the colors on the trees close to us


 We had to stop in the snow because lola said "its too bouncy we have to stop."  mostly she just wanted to eat the snow
 And have a snow ball fight with dad... which turned into them both throwing snowballs at me.
It was so much fun we love fall at our house :)

I had to put this in here. Lola came up to me and said "I picked some flowers for you! You are so welcome." and walked away, I thought it was cute

Hangin' with Grandma Bond and Char

We try to get together once a week, and every time we do we have a great time!

Throwing money into the water

Going to a little farm in Payson for a festival, and riding the slide

Jumping on the trampoline and doing awesome tricks

like flying in the air

and having the biggest smiles on while swinging!

walking/ running through fields

playing in a corn pit

having her first ever pony ride.  
I hardly ever remember to take pictures because we are usually too busy trying to keep up with the kids but I have been trying to be better!