Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mommy's best helper

It is so crazy to me how fast time flies as a parent you notice every advancement that your kid makes but until you look at the big picture you don't realize how fast it all goes.
Lola does not let anyone help her eat so she gets nice and messy :)  She also like to take her own pictures with my phone and i will admit she is pretty good at it.
This is me teaching her the best way to have an Oreo is when you dip it in milk.  Yes I realize that I look like a crazy person.

At the end of the day Lola loves to help me do chores she loves putting the dishes away.  I am so lucky to have Lola she is the best thing that could have ever happened to Danny and me she is so awesome!

Trip to Ridgecrest California 2013

 My mom, Lola and I stayed at my aunt Charisse's house and had such a great time this is Lola having Charisse put my mom's shoes on her so she can walk around in them.

 We went to the children's festival when we were there it was fun.  Lola played with home made play dough and ran around like a crazy person and had Karen get her a balloon.

The train! so much fun we all rode the train around and Carson was the VIP of course and was able to tun all the switches. We all had a blast and played with all the trains after the ride.

We also did some shopping for Ari's birthday.  As you can see she loves being independent and doing it herself.

Playing at Ari's party with Grant.  We had so much fun while we were there and it was so nice to see and catch up with so many people.

Easter fun 2013

The Saturday before Easter we head over to my parents neighborhood where they have a huge Easter egg hunt and it is SO fun!

 Danny and Lola heading to the starting line

Getting everyone corralled together is the hardest part
Lola is still in the first group to go and she was having a blast 

we actually had to put them all out again so she could pick up "more eggs" she was going crazy

This is her showing off her loot

AND big treat the cousins came up from St George for Easter it was so much fun!  Lola adores her cousins Carson and Cohen.

This is after the hunt they all played in Danny's new truck it was a blast.

Once they got out of the truck they all held hands on their own accord and the boys escorted Lola around the yard.

Easter morning Lola got to do another Easter egg hunt and because she knew what was in the eggs she wanted to open each one as she picked it up.  "Canna" is what she says for candy and it really is the cutest thing but no she didn't have any "canna" until after breakfast.

She is so funny when she gets excited her feet go crazy and she dance walks.
This is her broom that she got from the Easter bunny so that she can help me instead of just wanting to have my broom.

Grandma and Grandpa Bowers also got her a new princess trike, Aladdin and Jasmine for her little people castle, and Sofia the first on DVD she was thrilled about it. Thanks to everyone for the awesome weekend!