Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ears pierced

Waiting to get Lola's ears pierced

and right after they were done she was pretty good but didn't like being held down so she gave all the mall shoppers a pretty good show

she got to have a sucker right after and that seemed to improve her mood

She is so adorable and her earrings are so cute I just kept taking pictures
She is playing with her puzzle after bath time

And this is the awesome little people princess castle she just loves it (thanks Grandma and Grandpa)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas!!!!!! 2012

Here is Lola first thing Christmas morning

This is the Cinderella doll Santa brought her

getting her "luck Dragon" slippers on

opening the LOOT!!!

she is actually really good at opening the presents

a remote car keys and a new cell phone what else could a girl ask for

besides of corse a pink barbie convertible 

nothing like bed head in the morning

here is another show of some of the loot she got.  She also got a little people princess castle set with all the add ons from grandma and grandpa Bowers  a cute shopping cart from the Brough's and a princess Ariel baby doll from grandma and grandpa bond.  Aunt Denise uncle Gary and the kids also got her a baby doll as well with cute outfits.  Thank you everyone so much for the wonderful Christmas. Having family around us  just makes the Holiday so much brighter we love you all and hope that your Christmas was as fun as ours was.

December and holiday prep :)

helping decorate for Christmas

here is the tree all set up with Lola friendly ornaments on the bottom

She loves the lights and to try to pull off as many ornaments as possible

I was trying to download pictures for our Christmas cards onto Danny's laptop when Lola came and stole the disc from me and thought it was so funny to play keep away from Mommy

Admiring the beautiful tree

We went down to visit my sister and her family and Carson was so nice and let Lola play with his block train

While cruising downtown Saint George we were outside of Steve's office building and had to play on all the bronze statues this one is obviously a horse even though Lola was barking at it the whole time :)

playing with more toys

while shopping at the mall Lola gets to go on the car rides she loves them and if I do say so myself she is very good at driving

And last but not least here is Lola on Santa's lap this year she is so precious and I think she should get whatever she wants for Christmas

November fun

Right here Lola is reading her very favorite book called "Fairy Colors" she is so silly she will bring you this book sit on your lap and turn the pages

here she is being a goof ball

Getting the gear ready to play in the snow

while its snowing outside we play with our Thanksgiving little people

its pretty serious work

Once Danny got home we bundled up and hit the powder

Snow angel

building our snowman

all finished and proud

now sledding time land lovin it

just hanging out using the tv remote 

While watching Bengals football with Dad they both fell asleep it is so rare these days to get moments like this

once again being super cute

can you tell we really did the pigtails in this house?

Halloween 2012

So I know it has been a while since we have blogged but lucky us my mom and dad gave us a new iMac computer for Christmas so now to catch up with the blog here is Lola in her Cinderella costume for Halloween

This is her playing at Grandma's house waiting to go to our singing and story time class at the Library

Lola had so much fun playing with the other kids plus singing and dancing are her very favorite things to do

and Lola also got to play with Grandma

She also was able to share a whole bin of toys with the other little kids

all the little girls and moms alike were in love with her princess outfit

and here we are passing out candy while Danny was at school.  We ran out of candy after the first 2 1/2 hours so we know better for next year.  Once we ran out we went trick or treating ourselves it was a really nice night and Lola had a blast