Thursday, April 26, 2012

Going on our daily walk

Getting ready for our walk I am grabbing the camera...

1 second later aha!

yes that is right I have her on the ground not even 30 seconds and she already has a cord she is trouble... or maybe I just shouldn't put her down near any cords.. right?

 Finally in the stroller ready to go

Why am I taking pictures instead of walking?

while I take pictures Lola and Brutus are already bored

That's right wont even look at me for a picture I guess the kids walking home from school are more exciting

Lola cutest baby...

Lola is so funny she loves kicking really hard and playing with her feet every day she gets bigger and funnier.

Danny calls her his little bear cub because she looks just like one when she plays like this.

She is so happy and we play all the time 

Have I mentioned before how much I love those chunky thighs?

Every night after bath time Lola and Danny play on our bed part of the nightly ritual I love seeing them together they make me so happy.

My two best buddies.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

six months old

Lola is 6 months old and the best thing to happen to our family

This is Lolly playing on the floor with Zebra and her squishy books.

She is so funny and she army crawls everywhere we are in big trouble when the real crawling begins

I was cleaning the kitchen i looked up and there is Lola sitting up in her bouncer. oh no.

Yes, she can reach things on the counter.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Egg hunting

The Saturday before Easter at my parents house the neighborhood gets together and does an Egg hunt.  So while we were waiting for the troops to assemble Grandpa was holding Lola and I captured this sweet moment.

Cohen and Lola are such good buddies. Cohen loves to make her laugh.

Outside in front of Grandma and Grandpa's house waiting for the hunt to begin

Grandma and Lola decided to team up and hunt together

This is Lola looking at her basket

She was drooling everywhere so wherever the basket touched there was pink.  Pink all over the place :)

and she loved trying to eat the eggs

we found a few and she loved chewing on all of them

The loot

Carson was showing Lola all the eggs he found

Cute Crystal and Carson

back to chewing what a fun day!

just being cute

This little girl is the cutest thing ever we were sitting on my bed playing and I couldn't resist taking pictures

her laugh is so adorable

and she thinks I'm funny

Monday, April 2, 2012

Where did you go?

Now that Lola is rolling around everywhere I put her on the floor in my bedroom while I took a shower... when I got out she was nowhere to be seen so I said "Lola where are you?" She then answers me from under my bed in her adorable baby gibberish,  so I had to take some pictures!

Ever since then she will roll under my bed as soon as she is on the floor.  What a silly baby!