Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April-May 2014

 Lola is really into Tinker Bell pirate fairy right now so when she watches it she wants to dress up like Tink.  She really is so fun.

Daddy helping her fly 

Playing with my BFF's little girl Sanna

On Sunday we went on a hike to Doughnut Falls it is a short 2.5 mile hike round trip and the slope doesn't get too crazy so kids hike it all the time. It was 85 degrees in the valley so we wanted to get out and do something. The road to the trail head was closed so we had to walk a mile before we started the hike and even though there was a ton of snow on the ground it was still 70 degree.  We had the best time and Lola can't stop talking about going on a hike :)

the cliff trail was covered in snow so you can barely see the falls but it was so beautiful.

Easter 2014

We went to the mall the day before our big Easter egg hunt and Lola pretty much insisted on holding one of the cousins hands at all times.

riding on the train

Before the big hunt

 So excited when she found bubbles along with all the candy.

with the boys after the fun.

 The next day she had her own personal easter egg hunt. Every picture I have of her she is trying to stuff more candy in her face.  I kept telling her she could have a little after she found the eggs... whatever don't listen to me.
She had a good time and we loved having Crystal and her fan up for the weekend to hang out with :)

Fun April moments 2014

 Playing outside in the planters she was having too much fun.
Anytime we have nice weather we try to spend as much of it outside as possible.

showing me her dirty hands

 singing and playing crazy games at lunch. Brutus for some reason decided he would come in the kitchen to ask Lola for food... no he doesn't get any and was in big trouble

Helping Dad build the base for our shed she is a really big help.  She is a pro with a hammer.

holding cute baby chicks and Grandma Bonds house they are really so dang cute.

Visit to Boise

We went to Boise the beginning of April for my Cousin Katie's open house and wow, surprise I didn't take many pictures.  This is the dominos my Grandpa set up for Lola :) We have such a good time when we visit.

This is the cake my mom and I made for Katie and Kip

 Playing with Jared cousin she absolutely loved him! She also plays dead so that is fun.

 This is the only picture I got with Katie and Kip and they are off in the background eating dinner... hahaha
On a walk around the neighborhood

playing with a stick in the gutter

Chasing a duck.

March 2014

So, it has been a while since I have blogged and now I have a lot of catching up to do.  These are just my fav pics from March.

 making home made play-dough shapes

Helping Joshy her cousin play with his new birthday present.

Cute Lola and Cute Brutus 

Silly faces

finding an awesome worm outside

Doing homework with Daddy