Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February 2014

Lola is an artist, these are her smiley faces. She has now started to add noses so they are advancing fast. :)

Lola playing at her library class.  She loves tools so any chance she has to play with them she does.
This is A super cute beanie monkey hat Great Grandma Bowers made for her.  She loves it Thank you so much Grandma RainyPoo!!!

Dinner with the fam when Crystal and the boys were here

selfie or is it usie? anyway yay sisters!

Lola and Josh playing in the Ikea rugs they were so funny.  Josh would yell and Lola would try to hide from him.

 This is the apron I made for Lola.  I had this fabric and had it cut out to make into a dress when she was 6 months old ..... yeah that never happened so I pieced together this apron and she loves it.

When we were at Ikea we purchased a step stool for Lola for the kitchen so she doesn't have to use a chair.  Now she can reach everything and she is a great helper with cooking, baking and the dishes.  Danny and I couldn't ask for a cooler kid we are so lucky!!

Valentines 2014

 We had a pretty good day this valentines.  Lola and I had Danny's mom and sister and little Josh over for lunch and movie watching.

Lola is my best helper she grated the cheese for our heart pizza

She was taking the job very serious.

For our treat Lola and I made Our Best Bites sugar cookies and my mom donated the awesome frosting 
(so yummy)

Danny gave Lola and me flowers we loved them and they were on our counter until they were beyond recognition :) He is so the best

Happy Valentine's day!!