Monday, February 3, 2014

January Projects...

This is Lola's new table she got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Bowers

This is her new Big girl bed set up.

This is her jumping on her bed.

This is her monkey hat she loves sporting... 

Her entourage of stuffed animals.

I made over my lamp shades :)
Before kitchen table and chairs.....

After....  It seriously took forever but I really love the way they look and how it turned out.

Lola claimed these pillows for the Black Bear Dinner.

Window seat finally done... Thank you sooooo much mom it turned out awesome!!!

 And here are some moments of just plain old Lola cuteness. 

Saint George Christmas trip

Ok so shorts post ever... how did I not take a million pictures?????
Well apparently we were way to busy having a great time with the fam :)

We arrived on Christmas evening and Crystal and Steve made an AWESOME dinner.  We opened presents and just had a really nice evening.  One night the guys went out.  One bight the girls went out.  We played at parks and an indoor pool/rec center (So fun) played games watched movies.  I got to see one of my favorite friends and hang out with my awesome family.  Thanks Crystal and Steve for having us we had a blast!!!

Lola and the cousins taking a bath in the big tub.

Playing "Magician" with Danny.

Watching movies

Playing at the park..... p.s. is it fair that they have THE NICEST WINTERS EVER?!??!?!
It was awesome!

Christmas Morning 2013

Christmas morning we awoke to an awesome Lola hair day.

Presents from Santa! 
(yes, there is a permanent scowl on her  face... I thought kids were supposed to be happy...I told her that and she showed me otherwise.)

She did have fun opening the presents.

Until she would get frustrated and make dad help her.

Santa gave her big girl bed stuff for Christmas!! Yay she loved it!

 It was awesome we were all totally spoiled :)

Brutus loves his duck we gave him :)  And this is a picture of my tiffany lamp Danny and Lola gave me.  We seriously were so spoiled this year Thanks Everybody!

Pre Christmas 2013

We go to Library events ad classes every week, and they had one just for the Nutcracker it was awesome!

 They danced to the music and acted out the story.  We made crafts and ate treats it was a blast!

Her very first homemade ornaments hanging on our tree.

Playing in the snow :)

 Cute selfies

 Waiting in line to see Santa

getting Danny's Christmas present installed at Best Buy