Thursday, December 5, 2013

SNAAAAKE! Toddlers and Reptile class Dec 5 2013

 The second the first snake is revealed there is a stunned gasp and a blurry thrilled look of delight!

Lola of course has never seen a snake or lizard in real life but we have read and watched a lot of stuff about them.  This is her clapping with delight as the biggest snake "Shaggy" is revealed.

She was so excited it was hard to wait her turn to pet all the reptiles.

So fun

She even got a kiss from the littlest snake, so cute when she giggles over the snake.

making faces at herself

Cool "Sketon" of a crocodile one of the kids in class later dropped it and since then I have constantly been told "Oh No sketon!"  It was fine... but she really won't let it go.

This is a lizard named "Sausage" probably because it looked just like one with legs and a blue tongue.  We had so much fun and LOVE all the classes we go to with Miss Alison at the South Jordan library!!! Thanks for such a great time as usual!

Fun moments in November!!!

ya my birthday morning Lola before getting dressed HAD to put on my boots.

Later that day while shopping we had some  selfie moments.

Thanksgiving Dinner with the Bond/Ahlstrom side of the fam we had soooo much fun, and Lola loved the food!

Chowing down

Lola playing in the front window she is so cute and makes sound effects and a lot of "OH NO!"'s it really is comical.

I love this picture of Lola and my dad he always takes her outside to swing.  They are getting to be pretty good buddies as long as my dad lets her do whatever she wants. (typical)

After our big Thanksgiving at my parents house with aunts, uncles and cousins the next day we decorated for Christmas!!!!

Lola NEVER listens and this is her once again climbing on the table.

Later that day we went downtown on the "BIG train" we had so much fun going to lunch and seeing the "BIG train" movie of course Carson was in some serious train heaven! (I think Lola thinks they are so great because "Carken" loves them so much)

At the BYU vs USU basketball game in the box. Here is the token blurry pic.  Lola had so much fun being crazy, playing with cousins, and cheering for both teams ;).

I LOVE this moment Rob, Steve and my mom were going CRAZY! It was a fun time and we are so lucky to be able to spend time with each other.

Sunday we went to the park it was cold but not too bad.  Lola Danny and I always have a blast playing at the park who doesn't love the teeter totter, swings and slides?  It's fun to just go and play together.

We had a snow storm come in and the first thing Lola does is fall face first into the snow so she can eat it.  Silly girl.

I know... she does look like an insane person and she pretty much is.  I have to post this picture because its so funny to see when your child has so many similarities with you.... I am always sticking my tongue out while concentrating, my dad does as well, so does my grandpa Bowers hmm.... coincidence? I think not.