Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Disney on Ice!!

 The day before we went to the performance, we were invited to a Disney workshop to do some activities then meet a special guest!

  When Minnie and Mickey came in Lola seriously was SO excited!

She danced while waiting in line.

Mickey wanted her to put her ears up for the picture she loved meeting them.  The whole next day before the show all she could talk about was going to see "Min and Mik mouse".

We got to the Energy Solutions arena an hour before the show started, we had a lot of time to chat with the people around us and let Lola be a little crazy.

She loves looking at herself while taking pictures

 She looks like a miniature person here instead of a toddler.  She is so cute and little.

Blurry picture there always has to be one.  This is intermission, so far she was loving the show.

This is Kyle the cute 5 year old boy that sat with his family in front of us.  I think Lola has a thing for older men.... great.  Seriously though he was so funny and cute he couldn't help but talk to Lola any chance he could get.

The grand finally why did I think I needed a picture I don' know but here it is anyway.

Pointing out to daddy mermaid, tinker bell, and min and mik mouse.

Lola had so much fun, so did Danny and I.  Family time is my favorite and coming to the show was a fun experience!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

first snow day of the season Nov 3, 2013

When we woke up Sunday morning there was unexpected snow on the ground!! Yay!! We bundled up and went straight outside for some snow day fun!

Brutus is a big fan of snowball fights (he just likes to eat them) 

Lola loved the snowball fights too (and eating it as well)

So we loaded up in the car and went to a nearby park/hill.

Lola trudging through the snow to keep up with dad.

She was laughing the whole time!

Going down the hill was so fun, but she seemed to enjoy the ride up just as much.

We didn't stay for too long just enough to use up all the fresh snow and freeze our butts off!!
So much fun we can't wait till we can have more snow adventures!

Later that day Lola built this awesome tower by herself and surprisingly didn't knock it down, amazing things happening people!!!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween fun! October part 3

 Pumpkin carving! We had so much fun Lola wanted "Jack the Punkin King punkin"  (Nightmare before Christmas is her favorite movie and she wants to watch it all the time) we made our own carving templates this year it was a blast

 Lola mostly just wanted to play with the pumpkin guts... and the tools

 Appreciating our hard work

 On Halloween we had two classes to go too

 Any opportunity to be with a bunch of kids is Lola's very favorite thing to do

 She really is a tinker fairy

Reading some books before our second class starts

 Trick or treating at the library 

The real trick or treating!!! She loved it so much  Danny took her and said she loved knocking on peoples doors and yelling "hello?!?!" and if they answered  "trick or treat!"  

 They trick or treated at our house too.. Brutus is such a good helper with the other trick or treaters too... Its a good thing most of the kids who came loved dogs because he was always right behind me to answer the door

After trick or treating Lola wanted her costume on but still wanted her tinker bell shoes

Danny says that she just looks like a victorian ghost... so I had to share

She was singing the Halloween song and throwing trick or treat in there too.  She is so funny and clever. We love her so much and enjoy every moment we get with her!
Happy Halloween everybody!

October fun part 2

Here is Tinker bell ready for our class 

  The Monday before Halloween we had a costume class that Grandma Bowers came too it was so fun.  Lola loves all her friends in that class

This is a professional Gingerbread house builder people... we all took the job very serious
Especially Lola who made sure both the orange and black frosting wasn't poison...

 Yes this is a mustache on my 2 year old... don't worry the frosting was yummy she told me so many times

and the finished project

um... yeah I know it looks exactly like the picture on the box... like I said professional.. ;)

This is Lola bundled up for our evening walk she was too cute we had to take pictures...