Thursday, August 8, 2013

More fun in July 2013

Here are a ton o' pictures just because I couldn't choose  what ones to put in or not so here it goes :)

When she watched Tangled as soon as Rapunzel hits the ground for the first time she spreads her arms it is so cute!

On the mall train

Escalator down

Escalator up

 Driving in the arcade.   She is actually surprisingly good.

Playing at the park

 Water fight with herself and crazy tongue face

 Fireworks on the 24th of July so fun

Helping make a wedding cake

Talking to herself in the mirror

Wearing mommy's earrings

Awesome sunglasses

And dancing to go with the sunglasses

Hiking up at Snowbird

Smelling the flowers along the path

Super cute bath time hair and face

Eating milk and cookies with Daddy

making cupcakes

Hogle Zoo

Looking at the monkeys

Trying to point out the rhinos 

The bald eagles

the cutest bald eagle babies I have ever seen

Lola loved the sea lions and seals

The Polar bear was so funny doing all sorts of water tricks

Lola drank out of the same Lion head drinking fountain I did as a little kid so fun

Yes I have a "Grandpa Bowers finger" in the picture Lets just say that I am way good at photography (wink wink)

Riding on the carousel Lola just loves it

July fun 2013

We had some really great thunderstorms this summer so we would watch them in the front window as a family.

Lola discovered that it is way more fun to put the rings on the knobs instead of a tower

She is pretty proud of herself

Danny was home because of his knee surgery so for the first few weeks Lola and Danny ate breakfast in bed while watching Mickey Mouse Club House super fun

She has the best way of eating cupcakes if I do say so myself

Face first

Playing in the rain with the cousins so much fun!!

4th of July

 n the 4th we went to the West Jordan parade and Danny and I thought, "for sure Lola is gonna love it" Well little did we realize that when the parade says it starts at 10 it really means 10:30 in the hot sun with a toddler who just wants to run in the street.  Next parade we will be prepared :)

Watching the horses in the parking lot she loved it

 Finally the parade started and she did love it

Later we went to my parents house for swimming and BBQ.  despite what it looks like Lola and Danny has a blast rolling in the grass too cute.

We were planning on going to fireworks but since the parade didn't go over so hot we decided to do a couple at home.  She loved the sparklers!

And Brutus hated the fireworks :)