Thursday, March 28, 2013

Visiting Great Grandma and Grandpa in Boise

As soon as we said our hellos Lola was outside feeding Susanne the friendly pigmy goat that lives behind my grandparents house we did this every day we were there without fail she loves it and the Grands were pretty impressed with how fearless she is with animals but who can help it when you have a huge dog at home nothing seems intimidating 

Grandpa helped Lola on the bike

 We also went to the park in their neighborhood almost every day too.  Lola loves being outside and playing she has become so independent that she doesn't want help sliding down the slide anymore

swinging running sliding she loves it all
We went to the mall as well it was so fun we took her to the play place there but she just wanted to escape so our trip was cut a little short.  We were so lucky to have been able to come and visit my Grandparents and my cousin Katie (which for some reason I have no pictures of but it was a wonderful time).  Thanks for letting us come spend a few days with you can't wait to see you soon!!!!

March 2013

it was such a nice day a couple weeks ago we went for a walk and to the park in our neighborhood she loves it so much we go as often as we can

This is us playing on my bed we were having so much fun she is a goober

At work for safety reasons Danny had to put our names on his gloves to remember why being safe is so important I thought this picture was really cute

Valentines day 2013

 For Valentines day this year Danny brought us flowers :) Lola was so happy and she has the cutest smelling flowers face

 Lola got some awesome presents from mom and dad and grandma and grandpa
Danny got some stuff from Lola too

 This is Lola's new puppy (she has an obsession with dogs)
we were having a snack and she was feeding the dog some of her treats and making it bark and kiss her  she is the silliest kid I love it so much

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February fun!

We decided to give Lola a yummy treat of jello with mandarin oranges, and let her do everything herself.  It was very fun, and very messy!

And let the bath time begin


playing dress up with her dad

having a good time

Lola loves to play outside and was so excited to finally see grass outside

Lola is always super cute

We made vanilla cup cakes and Lola got to scrape out the bowl (always the favorite part for any kid) and just like always made a huge mess :)