Wednesday, February 6, 2013


This year Lola and I went to Disneyland with my mom, and met my sister and her family there.  We were totally bummed not to have Danny, my dad, or Craig come with us this year.  We were grateful to get out of the bad weather and into beautiful sunny CA

here is us on a plane to Long Beach

Waiting to get into Disneyland

here is a totally awesome pic of the Brough boys at STAR TOURS

We had a breakfast whith Mini and Friends. Captain Hook showed up and Lola didn't want anything to do with him, she just ran away, so funny.

As expected, she loved Tigger, and Eeyore was her very favorite, she kept kissing him.

Chip and Dale are always fun

Rabbit and Pooh Bear got big hugs

We also got to meet Fairy Godmother

and of course Mini Mouse

This is us on some fun rides. The first is on Toy Story Mania, and the second is on the Little Mermaid ride. Lola had a blast on both of them.

While we were waiting, my mom watched Lola and I went on Space mountain.  This is a picture of me missing Danny.

 The Brough's had friends who had contacts to get tickets to the Aladdin show. It was so awesome and we got to meet the cast. 
The Genie was our favorite part, he was so funny 

Waiting in line for the Matterhorn Carson ended up not being big enough so Steve and him didn't go but Cohen Grandma and I did and it was really fun! And because Carson wasn't big enough and he was sad we got a voucher for a line skip for any ride that day it was awesome

We went to cars land and it is so cool but Lola isn't big enough to ride any of the rides there so we just wandered around and this was the first thing that caught her interest.

Cute Mini ear sweatshirt and then on our way to the hotel we stopped and watched the parade

The next day Lola was Cinderella and the first thing we did was meet Mickey Mouse

this is Lola and Carson holding hands, so precious, Lola loves her Cousins so much

We also got to meet Jesse

We went to Toon Town, Drove cars, met Daisy Duck, and played in the play place

hid in the pumpkin with Cohen, and just generally painted the place red

Later Lola and I split off from the group to do the princess thing. While we waited in line she fell asleep, so the pictures with the first princesses she slept through

but then she woke up and was a busy body as usual, and made a friend that was dressed as Sleeping Beauty, so cute.

Cinderella was her very favorite, she hugged and admired her dress, and I think the feeling was mutual

Sorry for the blurry picture everyone but this kid would not hold still! Grandma bought the boy cousins build your own lightsabers, and Lola got to pick out a baby. She loved this Pooh Bear the best and now she sleeps with it every night.

We had such a great time and we were so lucky to be able to go with Grandma, she spoils us and we had a fun trip. This is at Downtown Disney, we saw a Parrot, Lola thought it was a dog for some reason.  Then Lola at the airport was so ready to go home she was a maniac!
Thanks for everything Grandma we love you!!!!

Fun all around

 Lola is so much fun and the older she gets the better play time is for both of us.  This is the shopping cart she got for Christmas she loads it up tips it over crawls all over it uses it as a step stool and loves to ride in it if Danny or I are up to the task of pushing her around.
being a rascal with dad before bedtime

after a morning reading and singing class at the library we came home and watched beauty and the beast and had natural Cheetos (they are Lola's fav)

Here she is showing them to me isn't she cute?

a couple weekends ago Danny's brothers stayed the night and Lola got to play with them in the morning she had so much fun making her uncle Jake read to her and Dad and uncle Jake played with her little people castle so they had a really great time :)

Showing dad and Jake how to make the castle play music when you open the doors

Later we went to Walmart to get things for our trip and we always go down the toy isle just to "look" and Danny wanted to see how Lola would do on a bike

She loved it even though she doesn't understand the concept of pedals yet