Friday, January 18, 2013

Lola is my BFF

Some mornings are a lot better than others this is one of the better ones

she is so stinking cute

This is on the train with her cousin Cohen.  According to Cohen we were a prehistoric circus train and we just so happened to be the Saber Tooth Tiger car (OBVIOUSLY) 

One night before bedtime 

this is when they were roaring at people :)

before bedtime we like to play and read books

Another morning that isn't one of the good ones but I love spending time with her despite her moodiness 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Fun with our cousin Skyler

We met my mother and sisters in law at the mall and we played for a few hours its so much fun being able to see Lola and Skyler play together 

Whatever the other one was doing they had to do it too.
We waited at the little play place till we got to ride the train  

Lola would run around and then stop every few minutes at the big globe and then run away

On the train it was so exciting Lola did her shuffle dance and refused to hold still

"Quit buggin' me mom" i kept trying to get her attention and she did not want to give it to me

Lola and Skyler enjoying the ride.  So funny Skyler will not smile for any picture I take

We had a blast and I love my in laws it was fun to let the kids play and catch up with the girls!