Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Patch and carving

The Saturday before Halloween we decided to go to the pumpkin patch and it was so much fun! Danny and I in all the years we have been married never took the time to carve pumpkins for Halloween so it was extra special and fun to do it all together for the first Ahlstrom Jack-o-lantern extravaganza! 

Lola got to ride in the wagon to go pick out our pumpkins

dad was the navigator

Lola got to pick her own

and with all the options it was a tough choice

playing with the pumpkins was the best part

dad finally made a decision for his ;)

on our way to pay for the loot!


then Lola got to play with the other pumpkins

here is her dancing with a few

yay pumpkins!

ready to get started

dad opened them up

but Lola got to gut them!

she was very helpful and messy


after the gutting we got to carving

setting them up for the big reveal

and here they are our jack-o-lanterns!




It was so much fun and we cant wait to do it again next year!

first snow fall of the season!

October 25th and we wake up to it snowing

all day we would run over to the sliding door to watch the snow fall

she would giggle and laugh while smacking the glass she was so excited about it (Christmas time is gonna be fun!)

after the day of snow we only had a little stick

The next morning the snow was melted but we still got to bundle up for our walk

Lola's 1st Birthday!

We had two different birthday parties for Lola the first one was Saturday the 13th at our house with Danny's family and our friends :)

At first with the cake she was really skeptical but after a minute of barely touching it she decided to get dirty

Such a silly girl

nice tongue action right?

she also rubbed her eye while she was mid cake eating never a good time to get an itch thats for sure

opening presents was so fun she laughed and giggled it was the best

getting the musical bath toys from her uncle Mikey

opening more presents

For decorating we made a wall of Lola's first year

and we made these big pom-poms so fun

On her birthday the 14th we went out for birthday breakfast and wore pigtails for the first time

after we went to the mall and played on the kid rides

here is a sample of her driving skills

Later that night we went to her second birthday party at my mom and dads house and had even more cake!

too much fun and maybe its just me but Lola seemed to like being the center of attention

We opened more presents!

she only ripped little pieces off 

the toys she got are so fun we love them

opening presents takes lots of concentration

and Grandma and Grandpa got her this HUGE unicorn (although there is a lot of speculation if it is in fact a unicorn) pillow pet
Thank you so much to all of you who made Lola's first birthday so special.  We couldn't have done any of this without you!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

cute moments in September

bothering Brutus (It's one of her favorite things to do)

swinging at Grandmas house

playing in the puddle after a rain storm

spinning on the chair in grandmas play room

playing Lego's with the cousins 

she just wanted to take them off and hold them I don't think she grasps the concept yet

chasing after dad when he goes to school "dadada!" 

wearing her new boots for the first time

hiking in little cottonwood canyon

just being really adorable in her leopard print dress