Sunday, September 2, 2012

WALKING! well a couple steps anyway

I was watching Lola play and all of a sudden she was walking toward her toys!  Danny was at school so I had to take a few videos none of them were very good but I was so excited! Toddler faze here we come!

moments August 2012

Helping with the Laundry in mom and dads closet

teething still nothing to show for it

in the car

With Mika and Serenity

Where's Waldo glasses.  Danny said she looked like Ralphy from the Christmas Story.

Climb every mountain! (or in this case just furniture)

When we want to watch a movie Lola always want to help pick one out.  Lola of course it a climber but she cannot resist getting on the DVDs when we open the ottoman 

she is so silly

Lola is so cute how can you get mad at that face? And she knows it too!

A Chocolate mess!

after I made brownies Lola and Danny decided to lick the bowl clean she was loving it.  Lola is notorious for yummy noises but my goodness she was yummin' it up!

does she look like Zorro to anyone else?

she wanted to do it by herself but daddy wouldn't let her

crazy tounge

A Train a Train a Train a Train!

Blurry picture but she wouldnt hold still long enough for it :) we go on the train at South Towne mall often but she was so crazy this time I had to get some documentation

She was so funny dancing the whole time and waving at strangers