Thursday, June 28, 2012

Splish Splash

so Tuesday morning my sister invited Lola and me to go with her and the boys to Herriman park.  It was so nice and warm and really sunny it was great to get out of the house because Danny was home sick so Lola and I needed the fresh air.

She was so funny when I first put her down she didn't know what to do there was water squirting everywhere and once she figured out how cool that was I couldn't get her to hold still!

Carson and Cohen were running around like crazy people it was so cute and Carson was freezing but refused to let that slow his getting soaked roll down :)

she was so funny just splashing in the water

crawling around 

taking it all in

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cute moments

Packing a suit case for a visit to Great Grandma Bowers house

Dance moves (hope this video works)

grocery shopping

eating ice cream sandwiches

crawled to hide in the pillows

our family's first picnic


we went up Milcreek Canyon and had a super fun picnic

mashed potatoes chicken and mac-n-cheese were a first for Lola as well

we went for a walk by the little creek

and Lola and Daddy had to play in the water

for Danny's birthday we got him a modern warfare 3 special edition Xbox this is Lola trying out the new headset