Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Home from vacation

Tracking our flight back home

once home we gave Lola a bath with her new princess toys she loves them!

so glad to be home what an amazing vacation thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa Bowers!

Disneyland/ Friday

good morning little Lollypop

Crazy hat day Lola didn't have a hat yet so she borrowed her dads. Cute pirate Goofy ears.

Lola staring down a lemon cupcake

teacups Danny hates them but he humored me

we found Lola the cutest Mini Mouse beanie

California Adventure Pier all lit up before World of Color.  We wanted to see the fireworks before we left but the wind was so bad they got cancelled so instead Crystal, Steve, Carson, Cohen, Danny, Lola, and I all went on the train one last time before the moms and kids headed back to the hotel for the night giving the guys one last night to play, this time Grizzly Rapids was the winning ride and Danny came back to the hotel nice and wet.

Lola and I decided to play with all of her new toys from her trip that night it was a blast

Disneyland/ Thursday

when we first got to the park on Thursday we saw Mickey Mouse! He was so funny the boys were hugging him so everyone said "turn around" so instead of the boys turning around Mickey did.

That morning we had breakfast with Mini and friends it was so much fun Lola played with Mini's nose they both loved every minute.

Tigger was the hardest to track down but we finally did.

all doing the Mr. Bean

Lola in front of Soarin'

we had a blast
Churros our snack of choice

Disneyland/ Wednesday

The first day at Disneyland Lola was a little bumble bee Winnie the Pooh absolutely loved her.

This was us getting ready for the day

First ride we go on is the Disneyland Train

Enjoying the scenery

flying around like the bumble Heffalump

on the finding Nemo ride

so tired we went on a lot of rides like Pirates, haunted mansion, Winnie the Pooh, and the train, the grownups went on a lot more than that of course

Grandpa stole Cohen's hat while we were waiting for the Monorail

Boys night out was Tower of Terror The Mr. Bean pose

then the terrified pose so funny I'm glad they had a good time

Sea World

Once at sea World the first thing we did was go to see the Sharks

Our family outside in the sunshine.

cute little Lola eating her carrier

cool sharks

It was so fun to see the Sea Turtles

The nephews playing on the turtle statue


aerial view of the park

Danny caught a pigeon at lunch time

watching shows is the funnest part we went to a few of them it was great!

San Diego Zoo/ Monday

Started off our adventure at the Zoo getting umbrellas.  While we were at it Danny found this awesome hat, nice right?

Our nephew Cohen is really into big Cats right now so first on our list was Tigers and this little guy was trying to prey on a little girl and came over to the glass.  Carson was so thrilled as you can see.

Once we got to the Hippos this big guy went charging in the water.  He gave us a great show!

Looking at Pandas in the rain.

The big cats were so awesome!

The Condors were awesome too.  What I loved most was every new animal we saw Cohen decided that's what kind of animal he was what a fun time.

This is Danny being a Seal.

While we were at the Zoo we saw a 4D movie about Happy Feet.  Lola was kicking back watching the movie with her 4D glasses on.

Then before we left Grandma and Grandpa bought Lola a Koala and a book that she absolutely loves.

Later that night we went to Old Town San Diego for some delicious Mexican food with singer in tow.

Lola's pants matched the decor.