Thursday, March 5, 2015

January & February 2015

We have been so crazy busy so far this year that I haven't taken many pictures... YIKES.... and I will take what I have and jumble it all together :)  
This is Grandpa teaching Lola to golf.....good thing he is patient.

Lola rockin' her new shades and taking pics with celebrities lol.

cruisin' in St George with the cousins

Watching Cohen play basketball (he did so awesome that night we watched him get a basket... nothin' but net!)

Waffle Love... need I say more?

Lola getting her first real pedicure.  She loved it and was surprisingly well behaved.

I have never in my life have paid so little for gas so I had to take a picture for bragging rights I guess..... hm....

Back to the good stuff,  Scootering is Lola's favorite activity. We have had a really mild winter this year so we have been able to be outside a lot which means Lola gets to scooter and she is really good!  She loves this thing!

She was finally tall enough to ride the ferris wheel at Scheels.  She was so excited and laughed the whole time!  I love this kid!

Valentine flowers from her daddy :) She helped arrange them. She was also very broken hearted when finally 3 weeks later had to get rid of them.

We finally had some snow... on the 3rd of March!!

Lola and I built little snowmen and she got to jump on them.  She had a blast It has been so fun to watch her grow up so far she melts my heart everyday!