Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summertime fun 2014

Our summer has been so crazy and I haven't taken the time to blog so I am really sorry about the picture overload cram!!!
Lola's first fish!

Intrepid in St George

Watering the yard

and Brutus

 Lots of fun hiking this year. Stewart falls is the one we had the most pictures of.
Another hike in Little Cottonwood Canyon

Yay parades!

Yay Lagoon!

Museums and art projects

Art project clean ups

kiss faces at the Scottish festival

Fun train ride at the Scottish festival with Grandma Bond

 Frontrunner to down town with the Brough's

Lots and lots and lots of swimming

Apricots....... need I say more?
(SO yummy thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the time and your headache)

peekaboo Grandma!

Latest update on Lola..... YAY POTTY TRAINED!!!!!

 These are the two cakes I made this summer ... all in all pretty fun jam packed stuff!!!!