Sunday, August 5, 2012

silly Lola

Lola and her Daddy

being silly

Binky! Where have you been all my life!?

aha! Brutus tail just waiting to be played with!


aha! moms cup of water!

just being silly

looking at herself in her mirror.... I know right?

Brutus' little puppies

Lola and Brutus have some of the cutest moments together he just lets her climb all over him

snuggle buddies

eight puppies 

Josie and the 8 new pups

visiting the puppies

 Lola was just loving seeing the new puppies

kept trying to climb in with them

all the babies snuggling together


family party at Grandma and Grandpas house putting our feet in the water

first time in a swimming pool it was a blast


Lola moments

Playing at Grandma Bowers house with cookie cutters

Watching a thunderstorm 

helping mom in the kitchen (I apparantly needed pickle relish?)

yelling like a crazy person

petting Brutus on a walk

after bathtime wiggles

cutest baby ever

favorite game to destroy all block towers


Grandma and Grandpa Ahlstrom

In July we were so lucky to have Danny's dad and Step mom come and stay with us it was so great to have them here and to spend time with the family together hopefully we will be able to see them again soon!

Awesome Family Reunion

pictures on a hike

river leading into the lake

Hail storm :)

waiting for the fireworks

sunset over the lake 

feeding the deer that was in our yard at the cabin

on the boat


Arrgh! a pirates life for me

can we say cutest pirate ever?

our family reunion pirate treasure hunt!  It was so much fun my aunt Heather and cousins put it together for the kids and we all had a blast

Lola won this sword in a battle against ferocious pirates

We had such a good time

I'm a sailor I'm sailing!

while we were in Oregon my dad rented a boat one morning it was so much fun we just cruised around Wallowa Lake 

Lola absolutely loved it  

enjoying the wind in our hair

helping grandpa navigate with her foot

screaming at the water

There is Danny in his little boat fishing 

View from Danny's boat

The fish Danny caught